Ed Tech 579

Reflection #2

  • What attitudes, skills, and concepts have you gained from participating in the course so far?

My attitude towards technology was never negative in the beginning of this course, but throughout this course I have learned about much more technology that would be fun to incorporate into my classroom.  It would be able to make some concepts in my room interactive for my students.  I have learned that sometimes, you just have to try out different forms of technology, play with it, and you will be able to teach yourself.  I need to not be scared to try something new.

  • What have you learned in the course that you will not forget tomorrow?

Besides my new found love for Wiki’s, one of the neatest forms of technology we have used and I will not forget is VoiceThread.  I think that program is incredible!  I would be able to post math assignments and walk through equations, use my voice to explain them and post them on my new Wiki.  This would be a great study tool for some of my students.

  • How will you apply what you have learned to your teaching and future learning

I will now be more comfortable incorporating technology into my classroom.  I will be able to conserve paper and have students turn assignments in via the internet.  Many of my students are more comfortable with internet usage than with traditional pen and paper, and therefore, hopefully, they will be even more successful.  I will even be able to open up my students eyes to other forms of technology. 


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