Ed Tech 579

Blog Post #3

Five Strategies to Improve Online Course Design (and Learning!)


“4. Use Course Data To Identify At-Risk Students

I will consistently and regularly check student statistics and data, to identify which students might be at-risk from the get-go. Students who do not interact or check course content are at a higher risk of failing the course. I need to be right on top of these data and contact these students right away.

This is another benefit of having students add me to their Google Chat contact list–I should be easily able to contact them back! If they are not online, then I will send them emails. If they do not respond to those, I will call them.

We are doing our students a disservice if we do not at least TRY to follow up and contact those who are not attending class or struggling with assignments.”




All of your suggestions and strategies for having an interactive and successful online class are amazing. The school district I work for is beginning a 1:1 initiative this upcoming school year and I need to begin thinking about incorporating features of an online class into my classroom.
I really like the section about using course data to identify at-risk students. Do you use a specific program that will show you students activity on your website? I also really like the Google Chat idea. How did you go about setting up a “secret” phone number so that students don’t get your actual personal phone number?
You have offered some great suggestions that I definitely plan on using!
Thank you,
Lindsey Dickinson


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