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How to Teach Internet Safety in K-6


Posted: June 14, 2012 in classroom managementK-5 Tech traininglesson plansParent resourcestech securityweb

The Internet is a wonderful resource for kids for researching school reports, communicating with teachers, staying in touch with friends, and entertaining themselves. They can literally hit a few keystrokes and find out about culture in China, the history of Europe, or take a tour of the American White House.

But with that access comes risks, even if you’re careful. For example, in our class project on life cycles, we never allow the students to search “chicks”, rather they must type “baby chickens” to avoid the problems the former carries.

The digital natives we are educating don’t want to hide from these sorts of problems, though. They want to learn to manage them. What we as teachers must do is show them how to avoid the internet’s bad neighborhoods so they can benefit from the good. Here’s my year-by-year teaching run-down:



Tech Teacher,

            Thank you for all of your suggestions to teach internet safety while in school to grades K-6.  I see that your lesson plan for sixth grade can also be applied to teens.  What other suggestions do you have for older students?

            Internet safety is a huge issue in today’s society, especially with so many schools converting to a 1 to 1 initiative, where every student receives a laptop.  Safety should be taught at school, but my concern is their internet safety at home.  How do we prepare students for some of things on the internet?  Does this come with educating parents too?  Many times at home, students are not monitored on the computer.  How do we prevent these students from being corrupted with some of the ridiculous things posted on the internet?


Lindsey Dickinson


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  1. That is a tough one. First, I think we have to take our teaching to where they are–not tell them to say away from Facebook and Twitter, but teach them the right way to use it.

    But parents as role model is difficult to overcome. If parents don’t care where they go online, their kids will learn it doesn’t matter, and that’s wrong.

    I hope between your post and mine, someone will share what they’ve done that works!

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