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Facebook, Edutopia Collaborate on Social Media Guide

Facebook, Edutopia Collaborate on Social Media Guide


US News: Education

“The guide lists steps teachers should take to introduce a formal social media policy—a document that states, in very specific terms, how teachers and students should behave while using social media. The Edutopia primer includes examples from various schools, such as Minnesota‘s Minnetonka Public Schools social media policy, which explains how teachers should protect confidential information, ensure the safety of students online, and more.

Besides examples of policies, the guide also lists seven steps that teachers can take to create a policy and move it through the ranks of school board administrators.

“Instead of starting from scratch, we hope that others can refer to the steps in the primer and also … the real world examples,” says Johanson.

This sharing of ideas is also part of the appeal of social media in the classroom. Teachers can spread ideas beyond their classrooms, and students can collaborate with peers from other classes on projects.”


Technology is being incorporated into schools and many times students do not understand the capacity in which information can be carried.  Allowing social media sites, such as Facebook, to be incorporated into the classroom can be a great addition as long as it is set up and developed in a cautious manner especially the fact that students need to be monitored.  Many students do not understand that putting up personal information, comments, and thoughts can be seen by millions of people. This is a great teaching opportunity!  Not only using this technology for all of the benefits of working on projects and real world examples is amazing, but teaching students to accessibility of information (for positive or negative uses) is a great way for students to learn the power of the internet.


Hello world!

I guess I am now into the wonderful world of technology and blogging.  This is my first ever blog.  I hopefully will figure out how to use and then will be able to use it in my classroom this next upcoming school year!

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